St Paul's Church of England Academy
St Paul's CE Academy

Our Faith

Our school is in the Parish of St. Martin’s and St. Paul’s in Tipton. Our nearest church is St. Matthew’s. The Vicar at St. Matthew’s is the Rev’d Larry Bain.

As a Church School, the love of Jesus Christ is our foundation which we hope will be evident to all who pass through our doors. We hope that it will guide, not only the religious aspects of the curriculum day, but will also be a firm foundation for the whole life of the school.

Our aim is to enable the pupils of this school to grow physically, mentally, socially and spiritually so gaining respect for themselves, each other and for the whole of God’s world.

St. Matthew’s enjoys a lively, informal, style of worship and they have a wide range of activities and children’s groups ranging from 4 to 18 years throughout the week.

For further information, please visit:

St. Matthew's Church, Tipton

St. Matthew's Church in Tipton

Service and Church Times

Sunday10.30amSunday Service (with Sunday School)
Sunday6.30pmSunday Service
Monday9.10amPlay Group, ages 2 to 5
Monday6.30pmEvening Prayer
Tuesday3.30pmAfter School Club
Wednesday7.00amPrayer Meeting
Wednesday7.00pmAlpha Course
Thursday10.00amCoffee Morning
Thursday7.00pmChildren and Youth Clubs
Friday9.10amPlay Group, ages 2 to 5

About Saint Paul

Our school was named after Saint Paul.

St. Paul was converted from Judaisim on the road to Damascus. He was the ultimate missionary, travelling throughout many countries and lands preaching the Gospel of Jesus.

He established numerous Churches during his travels and was even imprisoned several times.

St. Paul died in the year 67.

He was also known as the Apostle Paul, Paul of Tarsus, and Saint Paul.

Saint Paul
Paintings of St Paul

Some of our paintings of Saint Paul