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Parents and Teachers Association (PTA)

Working together for your children

The PTA at St. Paul’s plays a very important role in the life of the school.

What is the main function of the PTA?

The PTA meets regularly to discuss and implement ways of raising funds for the school to enable the purchase of equipment. We give up our spare time for the benefit of ALL of the children at St. Paul’s. We believe that the years spent at primary school are very important and want to help make those years as comfortable and memorable for the children as possible.

How does the PTA work?

The PTA meets monthly to discuss ways of raising funds for the school. At our meetings we discuss ideas and set dates for fund raising activities.

We also have a bank of helpers, who cannot always make the meetings but give their time to help when they can, helping with coffee mornings, event ticket sales, etc.

How are funds raised?

During PTA meetings, we discuss ideas and set dates for future fund raising events such as film nights, discos and Christmas Fayres.

How has the money been spent so far?

The PTA has purchased leavers gifts for the Year Six pupils as well as purchasing costumes for School productions. The Parents Association have bought staging for the school hall and have funded the Jubilee picnic area. Equipment has been bought for pupils in the Early Years, including new water and sand trays. The PTA has also funded the setting up of the Gardening Club and Art Club.

How can you help?

Any offers of help are very welcome and gratefully received. You can support your child’s time at St. Paul’s by offering ideas, or equipment for fund raising events. You can also help by attending and running our successful coffee mornings which take place after morning assembly, or by selling tickets for fund raising events. There are a number of things you could get involved with.​