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Year 5

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5.

To encourage children’s enjoyment of learning, our aim is to make the Year 5 curriculum link as much as possible. In English and Reading, we use texts that relate to the driver topics that we study throughout the year. Some of the novels we use are: Bronze and Sunflower by Cao Wenxuan, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodge Burnett, Farm Boy by Michael Morpurgo and Who let the Gods out by Max Evans. Whilst using these texts, and other to accompany the topics, we ensure that the children develop their writing skills (grammar, punctuation, vocabulary choice) across a range of genres.

So that children become secure in their mathematical knowledge, we practise fluency and reasoning skills daily, along with regular assessment of the children’s time tables using TTRockstars. The children really enjoy keeping track of their progress and becoming confident mathematicians, improving their concept of maths through different representations.

In the Autumn term, we will focus on the topic ‘Dynamic Dynasties’; a study of the dynasties in ancient China. This topic will develop the children’s knowledge of historical events in chronological order as we look at how dynasties, and their legacies, shaped China.

During the Spring term, our topic is called ‘Sow, Grow and Farm’. We will study the topography of the UK and how this influences land use in farming. We will also study the rich and diverse use of allotments in urban areas. This will allow us to put to good use the allotments which are adjacent to the school site. Linking to this topic, we will also study life cycles and reproduction.

In the final term of Year 5, we will continue the theme of ancient civilisations by studying ‘Ground breaking Greeks’; an in-depth study of the developments and influences of Greek culture and society at the time, and in the modern world. Children will learn about the Greek philosophers, whose theories are still relevant today, as well as study the mighty Greek gods and myths that were such an integral part of ancient Greece.

Our Learning

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