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Year 1

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1.

All our English and Guided reading work link to our class texts. This allows us to take a cross curricular approach to our learning. Some of the texts we enjoy in Year 1 include: Lost in the Toy Museum, Old Bear, Paddington at the Palace, The Queens Hat, Miss Molly’s School of Manners and First Day at Bug School. Children will learn to apply their phonetic ability to their writing across a range of genres whilst having the opportunity to orally compose and rehearse their work.

In Maths, children will learn their numbers to 100, become secure with their number bonds, recognise 2D and 3D shapes and become familiar with their 2, 5 and 10 times-tables. Children will also look at weight and measure. They will also continue to strengthen their reasoning skills as they apply maths to real life problems. Children will follow our school’s maths vision of I can do it. You can do it. Together, we can all do it.

During the Autumn term children will enjoy the driver topic Childhood. This topic has a history focus and the children will spend time developing their vocabulary of time, including before, a long time ago, yesterday, many years ago and present. The children will be introduced to the concepts of artefacts and begin to compare artefacts from the past to the objects that they use today. They will also explore how people grow and change over time and significant events like the Queen’s coronation. This topic has a lovely art and design link where the children focus on mixing colour and explore portraits.

In the Spring term the topic will change to Bright Lights, Big City. This topic has a geography focus and the children will spend time developing their knowledge of the physical and human characteristics of the United Kingdom, including the exploration of the characteristics and features of the capital city, London. The children will discover a range of landmarks and learn all about life in a city. Children will spend time comparing life in a city to life in a town like Tipton. This topic has a cross curricular link with design and technology where the children focus on designing and making moving vehicles.  

Then in the Summer term, our final topic will be School Days. This topic has a history focus and will teach the children about their own school and locality, both today and in the past. They compare schooling in the Victorian era to their own experiences today. This topic has a wonderful cross curricular link with science where they will carry out investigations and explore Venn and Carroll diagrams.

Our Learning

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